Progress Update: May 26, 2008

>>Vesak Celebration
About 50 people came to share in Vesak good tidings. We listened to the Ajahns give the stories of the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and parinibbana. Even a bit of Vesak hay got pitched. (check out photo album)

>>Tatiyampi Bhante
Buddhist do everything three times, eh? Well, It looks like for a third time, we have to re-schedule Luang Por Sumedho’s visit. We really did have everything all set and confirmed. But life is uncertain. (Someone should make a religion out of that, eh?) So as sure as we can be, Luang Por will be with us in 2010. Stay tuned for specific dates.

>>One K leaves, one K stays, another K one arrives
Ajahn Kusalo headed south last week, leaving Bhikkhu Khemaratana alone until… Ajahn Karunadhammo arrives. Ajahn Karunadhammo will be visiting Tisarana from June 5 to 26 from his home monastery of Abhayagiri( He was the first monk ordained there a little over ten years ago. Please be sure to visit with the venerable while he is here.

>>The Buddha takes his seat
He’s big, he’s white, and he’s with us for meditation. This Sri Lankan style Buddha rupa(statue) makes a wonderful addition to our meditation module. Much gratitude to all who made this gift possible. (Check out photo album)

>>The back wall is back
It’s a Canadian spring. Like winter but without the snow. The back wall of the meditation module went into hiding for the summer (like the snow), but a new, temporary wall is there, keeping us warm despite the cold outside.