Progress Update: May 23, 2007

>> Vesak – Saturday 26th May:
Just to remind you that this is happening AND that it is at the monastery – NOT at the Pagoda as earlier advertised. 10.00am start. The barn meditation sala has been closed in and is ready to rock. We have fans for the warm weather (loving) and screens for the mosquitoes (tolerating). We are expecting a good crowd and have prepared accordingly. [photos]

>> Gorgeous Garden:
The lawn got its first monastic haircut (not too short) over the weekend and is looking great. Can we maintain the high precedent standard? Marion has been exerior decorating on the front balcony with a delightful display of blooms around the buddha. [photo] The pool has been emptied, fenced and flagged.

>> Common Property:
A few people have been expressing interest in living closer to the monastery and some preliminary work has been done exploring options around living on a common property as well as other forms of co-operative living. There are many possibilities. If this strikes a chord of interest with you please contact Bill & Lorraine:

>> GPS Boundary:
I am not sure of the technology but we need to get some idea of our property boundaries and traditional surveying would be very costly. I imagine that if we had co-ordinates it would be just a matter of programming the GPS unit and wandering around until it goes beep beep. Yes? If anyone has experience with GPS positioning could they mail or phone the monastery.

>> Recycling:
Our new recycle shed is finished and ready for business, thanks to Denny and Cathy. The proceedings were watched over by Denny’s dog Casa who has cancer and just a few days to live. Very calm and stoic. A beautiful model for us all. Bless her. [photos]

>> Mosquitoes:
Wishes of patience, loving-kindness and tolerance from (and to) Ajahn Kusalo