Progress Update: May 20, 2010

>> Whats the Buzz:
Word on work has it that the bees are still needed at Tisarana. There is lots of light work to do indoors and out, so please consider coming, rain or shine. If you are not able to come on the weekend, we will still need help all next week. It would help to know if you are coming, particularly next week. Contact:

>> Food for Vesak:
If you are planning on bringing food for the Vesak dana, we are requesting that it can be transported and eaten cold. There will be no opportunity for re-heating food.

>> Wheel Chair Access:
There will be a wheelchair accessible toilet on site outdoors at Tisarana for the three weeks that Ajahn Sumedho is here. If you have and questions contact:

>> A Pride:
It certainly pertains to lions. I wonder if we could also have a pride of privies? There are several of them ready for the crowds we are expecting during the three weeks of Ajahn Sumedho’s visit and they are so nicely constructed the builders have reason to be proud. [photo]

>> Perth Public Talk:
Yes, indeed, Ajahn Sumedho is giving a public talk in Perth on Sunday, June 6 at 3:00 p.m. (got the date wrong in the last update).