Progress Update: May 20, 2009

>> Vesak:
What a wonderful day it was with the dhamma sala full of friends come to celebrate the life of the Buddha. The weather was – as it was – but the timely sun smiled and shone beautifully on us all during the rice pindapat. 4x[photo]. Everyone agreed we should do it again next year.

>> Non-residential Retreat:
Explore the Anapanasati Sutta with Ajahn Kusalo. Breathe as you never have before.
Friday 22nd: 7-9:30 pm Tu-An Pagoda
Saturday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Tu-An Pagoda
Sunday: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Dieu Khong Temple

>> Thai Visit:
The house was as full as it has ever been with 18 guests; a group of Thai friends from Toronto staying overnight on Sunday. [photo] It was a busy weekend with another group from the Unitarian Church in Almonte joining us for the usual Saturday afternoon of mindfulness. Such a delight to be a part of this interest in dhamma.

>> Barn Roof:
Around the various bullet holes, loose nails, torn tin and general deformation there is a solid roof. A contrarily flummoxed climbing apparatus has been divulged complete with safety ropes to secure intrepid climbers who will plug the gaps. [photo] Water ingress over the years has resulted in quite a bit of rot; particularly the floor, which will be repaired. New logs are on their way from Pembroke. A new writer is on the way from Guacamole.

>> Space:
We continue to have some spare. You are always welcome to come and stay at the monastery as a guest.

>> In tents:
With the approach of summer younger members of the resident community are moving out into the woods. Intense. Brave lads. Rumours of bear and wolf are on the increase.