Progress Update: May 2, 2007

>> Ajahn Viradhammo’s Birthday:
This was celebrated at the monastery on Saturday, 28th April. It was a delightful day and a success on many fronts. The main one was of course bringing focus to the goodness of Ajahn’s life; several people spoke warmly of this. It was also the first large gathering we have had at the monastery, about 60 people attended, and a test of our facilities and various spaces. There was a rice pindapat before the main meal offering (see photos). The new meditation module in the barn was used and while it was a bit cold (the roof is yet to come) the space was much appreciated. So, a great day and may Ajahn have many more to come.

>> Ajahn Kusalo – retreat:
True North Insight have organised a youth retreat (18-32) and this will be lead by Ajahn Kusalo and Daryl Lynn Ross. You can get details and forms etc. from:

>> Opanayiko Kuti:
At the current rate of work Alan will be moving in next week. Curtains have been made and a second-hand stove bought. It is quite the transformation. Book now for tours.!

>> Well Waggoned:
Not everyone shares my enthusiasm over the monastery’s new four-wheel waggon but the work it can do will surely be appreciated. Old but sturdy.

>> Tractor Plucked:
The Tisarana community and visitors rallied to the call and they pulled and they pulled (see photo). To no avail. But the very next day a kind neighbour was around with his tractor and plucked our little red engine from out of the mire. If only extraction from the morass of hindrances, the ooze of the asava, was as easy.

>> The Way things Are:
Pretty good, all in all. May your all be as good and pretty… Ajahn Kusalo