Progress Update: May 14, 2010

>> Working Bee:
Next weekend – 22nd & 23rd May. This is mostly in prepartaion for Ajahn Sumedho’s visit. Come in the morning and work up an appetite for lunch then work off the excess in the afternoon. There is lots to do and something to suit all skill levels.

>> Working Bee:
U mide tink hiss were a little title typo. I tis egg jelly an attention grabbing device 2 get U 2 read the first item again. Even again. Read it again. Author strikes confident pose and ponders next item.

>> Next Item:
Thinks… can my esteemed audience tolerate more work bee encouragement? Perhaps better not bee overworking the medium and just move on.

>> Vesak Volunteers:
Please write to: if you are able to volunteer for part of the day, Vesak, May 29. We will need help from morning till afternoon. Stewarding, car parking, food management, etc.

>> Ajahn Sumedho:
The first event of his visit will be Vesak on Saturday the 29th May. There will be a public talk in Perth on Thursday June 3rd and at Ottawa University on Friday June 11th. See the web site for details. The retreat is fully booked but please check the University web site for details.

>> Lotsa Loos:
Who really wants to know what’s available – until its not? So, we have had drainlayers round checking the main house system. The privy crew has been hard at work constructing and the tractor team hard at work delivering and installing. Facilities? We have the technology! [photo]

>> Canoe Retreat:
August 14-20, maximum 12 people, Gatineau Park. There is no portage so a canoe is not essential, tho’ preferrable (we can ferry you). You will need personal camping equipment. Food is organised. Cost not yet finalised but will be kept to a minimum. Write to Tina: