Progress Update: March 6, 2007

>> Phone line:
Our phone was out for several days last week and over the weekend due to a broken line (it is freezing cold :). Hopefully this didn’t inconvenience anyone. It was kind of nice to have a break from the technology – although plenty of ‘catching up’ to do.

>> Workshop:
As part of the work plans for the coming season we will be upgrading the old horse barn as a workshop. This will mainly involve a plywood overlay of about 3/4 of the floor and panelling two walls up to eight feet. The basement will be used for material storage and any heavy machining.

>> Yes, you all…:
To reiterate the general call for people to come and help with our work program. There is lots to do; clearing the barn, general site work, building, renovating, cooking, gardening, getting enlightened (there will be a dedicated team for this).

>> Tents…:
Does anyone have a family tent(s) (eg. 3-4 person, 10′ square, standing room, screened) that we could borrow to provide accommodation during our work program? This would be a space for one person.

>> Ayya Medhandi:
For those of you who don’t know her, Sister is a senior nun of the Ajahn Chah sangha. She will be arriving at Tisarana on Monday 12th and staying through into April. She will be leading a mediation retreat at Galilee Centre, Arnprior (see the web site for details). You would be most welcome to come and meet with her, especially on Sat 17th. This will be a pot-luck dana.

>> Pre-teens dhamma class:
Sunday 18th. What the Buddha never taught? All welcome. PS. we need a better name for these two youth groups. Suggestions?