Progress Update: March 27, 2007

>> Stewards:
We have need for both a male steward (general duties) and a kitchen manager (either gender).

>> 20 Years in Robes
It has been a delight to have Ma Medhanandi staying at the monastery for a while. It was an especial joy to be with her to celebrate her 20th year in robes. Quite an achievement – on many counts. There was plenty of cake, there was lots of chanting and, an abundance of joy.! Sadhu.

>> Single Phase Arc Welder:
Is this another one of those things that every Canadian has in their basement? Parked next to their Luke Skywalker light sabre, alongside the A.T.V. (also on the wish list). Alas, our basement is bereft.

>> Toronto visitors:
We have had several people visiting from Toronto – both for the day (on their way to…) and overnight. It is nice to know that we are seen as accessible from ‘the big smoke.’

>> Working Bees:
Work has begun and you can COME AND HELP anytime. We had a lovely working bee last weekend; it sets such a nice tone of communion for the afternoon meditation. The first building materials were delivered last Friday and the conversion of the horse barn into a workshop is the priority. A meditation space inside the main barn comes in second. Kutis (meditation huts) are still being detailed and will be the main project for this summer. There are a few photos in the gallery.

>> Ajahn Chah Quotes:
These are new on the updates page. Splendid little gems of wisdom.

>> many blessings to you
Ajahn Kusalo