Progress Update: March 23, 2008

>> Winter Retreat:
All that arises – passes away. March is near an end and our retreat is similarly approaching its end. The snow may linger on for a while yet. We will finish the retreat with a week of group practice. Meditation 5.30am – 8.30pm. You are most welcome to join us for any or all of this.

>> Days of Mindfulness:
These continue, every Saturday – 2pm. No doubt attendance will increase once the retreat is over and the weather improves.

>> Ajahn Sumedho:
Just to clarify. We have invited him for sometime next year, 2009. The date has yet to be finalised and there are many other details still undecided. Rest assured you will be kept informed as thing unfold.

>> Where are You:
Look at the time already. Where is your mind? More to the point, where will you be June 6-15? We have need of a male steward for this short period while residents (except Bhante Khemmaratana) are on retreat with Ayya Medhanandi. So, there would just be the two of you. A great opportunity for a self-retreat or long, quiet walks or…. Contact the monastery.

>> Photos:
It has been a stunning winter and a great retreat. A few monastics, lay and other, pushed the shutter once or twice and the results of this will appear once ‘retreat mode’ has reached cessation.