Progress Update: March 14, 2007

>> Beautiful barns:
Some of you may have already noticed the photo of the horse barn; a taste of things to come. A virtual 3D model of the main barn has been made and photos are on the site (‘along the way’). Everyone loves the barn but… if we keep it we need to justify the cost of maintenance by using it. What for? Yes, there will be a prize for the best answer 🙂

>> Young peoples dhamma:
This Sunday, 18th March, 12:30 is the pre-teens group. The following fortnight; Sunday, April 1st is the teens group. These dates are on the website events-calendar. If you are coming for these, *and* joining us for the meal beforehand, it would really help if you were able to bring some food to share.

>> A.T.V., Quad, 4×4, thing:
What is the correct name for those 4 wheel farm-bike, mini-tractor things. Anyhow, they are incredibly low impact and versatile and there is a thought to get one; along with the thought that one of you may have a spare one in the basement (doesn’t everybody in Canada have at least one?). You may know something about them, know someone who knows someone…, etc. As well as being wonderful at moving stuff we have a lot of wetland and soft ground and their large tyres are much kinder on the land than a regular tractor.

>> City life a drag?
Just by the by. There are two houses for sale in Stanleyville, real close to the monastery. What a cool place to live.!

>> Hey, thanks a lot
From this end, we really feel your support. There are many examples but two recent ones come to mind. Two people have been to help in the library. One person came to go snowshoeing – and left two big bags of groceries. We can’t do ‘monastery’ without you – so… we are doing it with you. Nice.

>> Male Steward
An opportunity exists for a male to live at the monastery in the role of steward. Please contact the monastery for details.