Progress Update: June 6, 2011

>> Many Monks:
We are delighted to be able to have two monks visiting with us at the moment. Ajahn Anando, a senior monk from Amaravati, will be with us until almost the end of June and Venerable Pavaro, currently living in Thailand, will be here until the 12th. We don’t have a steward so meals and transport are a challenge. Their presence brings a deeper sense of Sangha and spiritual friendship. It is nice to have news of fellow samanas from afar and to share their dhamma. Very refreshing and uplifting.

>> Buddha Moving:
The slab that was the doorstep of the old gazebo has been moved to the front lawn and will be the base for the standing Buddha. Having extra monks made the job of mixing concrete and positioning the slab easier and more pleasant. The little red tractor made it even easier still. [photo]

>> Reception Room:
Plans have been finalised and a builder has been engaged. He is hoping to start work in 3-4 weeks and construction should take 4-6 weeks. Realistically we can expect to be using this space by mid to late fall. It has been a long while in the planning and will positively affect the logistics of activities at Tisarana enormously. No more squeezing into the dining room..!! View the floor plan This project has only been possible as a result of your generosity and ongoing support of the monastery. Thank you all.

>> Reception Rumbles:
To make way for the new reception room several changes had to be made to the site. The gazebo had to be moved. It will now reside in the car park as a garage for the monastery car. The gazebo slab now resides… out of sight. Two large trees next to the house have been felled. This brings a wonderful amount of light into the house. Also three trees in the grouping between the office and the house have been felled opening up the view and giving the maples a lot more space. It all looks like a bit of a bomb site but – no omlettes without eggs. [photo]

>> Lore & Order:
The workshop is undergoing radical transformation at the hands of maestro Viradhammo with storage, stacking, display, you name it, under review. The raccoons have been given the boot and their various domestic deposits cleared and the whole space decontaminated [see: garbage man, last update]. They are a messy crew. [photo]

>> Making Plans:
As the sangha grows it is increasingly difficult to keep track of all the comings and goings. Order has been restored with the installation of a year planner. One small step for bhikkhu kind, one giant leap for bureaucratic bhikkhus. [photo]