Progress Update: June 5, 2007

>> Welcome Bhante:
Bhante Khemmaratana has been with us for about a week now visiting from Bhavana monastery, West Virginia. He is planning on staying for about a month. It is very nice having him here. An enthusiastic nature lover he was keen to spend some time in a tent. We have several, so no reason at all why not… well, the weather? No sooner was he tented than “the rains came down and the floods came up.” Several serious liquid deliveries. But these tough forest monks are… waterproof. [photo]

>> Monastic Law:
A rough translation from a Pali commentary… “If materials and/or tradespeople can possibly arrange to arrive at lunch time, then they will.” Our new fridge has been long awaited. Yes, the meal was ready. It was being offered. The door bell rings. Three large men proceed to remove the old fridge. It was a graceful ballet of monks and men, bowls, bowing and beg-pardon. We managed to fit the anumodana chanting in – between the exit of the old and entry of the new. A little more shuffling and shunting, exuse us, sorry and it was in. Glorious – the meal – AND the new fridge.

>> Sutta Studies:
We seem to have gotten these rolling again. Every Wednesday at teatime; 5pm. We will try and post the next one on the events calendar.

>> Uplifting:
Have you visited the workshop? You may have wondered at the scramble up. Wonder no more. We have two new steps and, I guess, a residue of wonder… I wonder why didn’t it happen sooner? [photo]

>> Floods II:
As you enter the basement – with your best socks and impunity to hand – more plastic wonders are in place to greet you. As part of ‘Flood Control: phase I’ we removed the old concrete tub. Yes, out with the old, and in with the new.

>> Welcome:
As I sit here writing I admire the roses on my desk – a gift from the local Welcome Lady. New to the district? She comes around and gives welcoming flowers and other gifts. I liked the one-sock… you take it into the store and swap it for a pair. What a delightful, hearty gesture. AK.