Progress Update: June 3, 2012

Welcome to Ajahn Hasapanno
We are delighted to have Ajahn Hasapanno visit us from Thailand. Ajahn is originally from the Mississauga area and will be staying at Tisarana for about six months. A warm welcome to Ajahn!

Annual General Meeting
The annual general meeting of Tisarana Buddhist Monastery will occur on Sunday, June 10th at 1pm. The meeting will be held at the monastery; all are welcome.

New Committee Members Needed
We are currently looking for two new committee members with experience in either accounting or construction. If you are interested, please send a message to

Ajahn Tiradhammo’s Visit
We are happy to welcome Ajahn Tiradhammo to Tisarana. He will visit from June 6th to 16th. Ajahn Tiradhammo is a seniour disciple of Ajahn Chah and a good friend of Ajahn Viradhammo. Ajahn Kusalo has recently taken over for him as abbot of Bodhinyanarama monastery in Wellington, New Zealand. Ajahn Tiradhammo will give a talk at Tisarana on the Day of Mindfulness on Saturday, June 9th. He will also offer teachings to the resident community and other visitors during his stay.

Venerable Ajahns From Thailand to Visit We are honoured to host Ajahn Sopah and Ajahn Kumpong at Tisarana from the 25th of June to the first of July. The venerable Ajahns are seniour disciples of Ajahn Chah. They will be giving teachings at the monastery after the evening meditations.