Progress Update: June 28, 2007

>> Land Co-op:
There is a meeting at Tisarana on Saturday 30th, 5pm, to discuss various options around living on a common property as well as other forms of co-operative living . There are many possibilities. There are currently 12 people intending to attend. Ajahn Viradhammo will chair the meeting. If you would like to join, just turn up. To follow the results, contact Bill & Lorraine:

>> Changing Faces:
Sure, why not? A little silicon, a sharp knife… No, not that silly. Merely face relocation(s). Ajahn Sucitto to Chicago/UK, Ven. Pavaro back to Birken and Bhante Khemmaratana back to Bhavana on Tuesday. The exit line will be balanced by the return of Ajahn Punnadhammo and Samanera Paramitto on Friday. They will be staying for about a week. Such is the nature of a monastery at this time of year. Things will quiet down for the vassa – in about a month.

>> Garden Grows:
With all the rain and warm weather we have been having the garden is looking superb. There is such a wonder of beautiful flowers and grasses around the house and beyond. Much of this, of course, is our inheritance from the previous owners. Thanks for that. [photo]

>> Tiny Kuti:
General zoning allows us to freely errect a building of up to 100 square feet. A kind supporter has not only offered to pay for materials but to direct construction of an 8’x12′ kuti. The site has been cleared and foundations are down. Such a generous gift. [photo yet to come]

>> Zoning – General:
Our zoning application is scheduled to be heard on July 10th. There is then a 20 day appeal period and, all going well, we are then free to apply for (parts of) our application plan. Initially this will be for two 12’x16′ kutis. Under the application we can build up to 3 kutis before we need to extend our (toilet) facilities.

>> Compost:
The old racoon’s feeding ground (read: compost) has been rebuilt (read: critter proofed) and relocated. Eventually the hay in the barn (read: racoon’s condo) will be relocated and the racoons will need to rebuild (read: buzz off). They have been duly advised. [photo]

>> Susan’s new house:
Another good friend is moving to Perth – pending house purchase being finalised. A lovely cottage built in 1884. It is so nice to see our little community growing.

>> Flow:
All the rain we have been having? Things are flowing along so well here at Tisarana. Good hearted generosity methinks. AK.