Progress Update: June 2, 2009

>> Creatures:
A bit of a critter review this week. The raccoons have been up to their usual food seeking tricks with their latest assault focussed on our garbage/recycle shed. Several porcupines have been spotted and the ground hogs are out in force foraging. The birds have been busy building nests and now have their work cut out tending their chicks. 4x[photo]

>> Ottawa Retreat Report:
The weekend retreat organised by O.B.S was a great success with about thirty participants for both days. The use of two venues was not a problem at all and the facilities worked well for both. The weather was lovely. A good time was had by all. Many thanks to all those who gave their time to organise that event. Well done.

>> Kuti:
The new kuti is well under way with the site and the floor finished. The walls are on their way with the roof just waiting for a bit more sunny weather. [photo]

>> Topping it off:
The barn roof is slowly having all the holes filled. Kelvin and Tina have offered to oversee the work and are determined to see the job through to the end. It is high and quite steep but we have a good set up of ladders and safety ropes. For anyone seeking a position with elevated status… please apply.