Progress Update: June 19, 2007

>> Monastic Visitors:
There are several. The biggest the Tisarana sangha has been with seven ordained samanas. A while ago we welcomed Bhante Khemmaratana. Friday saw Venerable Pavaro from Birken Monastery in B.C. join us and yesterday evening we were delighted to welcome Ajahn Sucitto. He is on a short tour of U.S. and Ca. and will be with us for a few days. Today was a bit of ‘R&R’ for Aj. Sucitto – a bit of kayaking on Pike lake – ooops, tippy, tippy. The hat managed to stay afloat. [no photo]

>> Working Bees:
On Saturday about 20 people came to join for the working bee. We started about nine in the morning and broke around 11 for a shared meal. The weather was brilliant – sunny, with enough breeze to keep the bugs away – and several people ate outside. A tremendous amount was achieved: both barn basements cleared, swimming pool ‘modified’, trees trimmed, kuti materials delivered, etc.. Many thanks to all those who could come. [photos]

>> Happy Bees:
There was a lot of work done but the pace was pretty relaxed. There was time during the day to stop for a drink and a chat. Time for a mid-afternoon group meditation in the sala. Several people stayed on for a cuppa at 5 and then the evening puja, meditation and dhamma talk at 7. As sweet as honey – thatzz what makezz the beezz buzz.!

>> Breathing in:
The air quality has been improved in the main house with the fitting of a filtration system to the furnace ducting. Breathing in was never such a delight – unless, of course you had been stuck under a kayak for a minute or two.

>> Flying Squirrel:
The hottest rodent on the block. Stuck up the kitchen chimney. Released – only to return. It can’t go on like this.

>> P.S. – photos:
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>> PPS – freedom:
There is no link but it is readily available. AK.