Progress Update: June 1, 2010

>> Vesak:
Wow. Everything went right, nothing went wrong. Lots of people came – we estimate over 200. Luang Por Sumedho gave a large group the eight precepts in the morning. Two groups of children then offered a selection of devotional songs. This was followed by what must be the longest rice-pindapat we have seen at Tisarana. We then enjoyed a superbly generous meal together. The weather was sublimly cool in the morning and warm and sunny in the afternoon so people could eat on the lawn and, with such a large crowd, spill out of the tent during the afternoon activities. After lunch a play based on the Cullahamsa Jataka (the taming of Nalagiri the elephant) was presented. We were delighted to have three monks visiting from Ottawa and Ayya Medhanandhi from Sati Saraniya and the entire sangha joined in offering auspicious blessing chants to mark the propitiousness of the occasion. Luang Por Sumedho then gave an uplifting dhamma talk. To end the afternoon many took the opportunity to tour the monastic area and view the kutis (a once-a-year event). Monastery residents and friends had made an array of gifts – Buddha amulets, bodhi leaves and a selection of books – and these were appreciated. Part of this offering was a booklet of one of Luang Por Sumedho’s dhamma talks. There a plenty of copies and you can get one from the monastery.

The next main event of Luang Por’s schedule is the public talk in Perth. This is at Perth and District Collegiate – 13 Victoria St, Perth. 3pm.

>> Meditation, Saturday 6th:
The regular Saturday “Day of Mindfulness” will be led by Luang Por Sumedho. Chanting and meditation at 1pm followed by a Dhamma talk. We will be in the big tent so there is lots of space.

>> Ottawa Retreat:
There are still many people who wish to attend. If you will not be attending the retreat, IT IS IMPORTANT that you cancel so that your space may be used by someone else. To cancel: e-mail: phone: 613-562-5272 fax: 613-241-2629

>> Canoe Retreat:
August 14-20. There are still a couple of spots available. Details are available on the blog