Progress Update: July 7, 2009

>> Family Camp:
5th – 7th September (Labour Weekend). An opportunity to spend time at the monastery with a range of activities for both parents and children. Tents, campfire, chanting, meditation, craft, long walks, food, friendship and sunshine. If you are interested in taking part contact the monastery or contact Vivienne Bartlett – (613 567 8308).

>> Canoe Retreat:
Led by Ajahn Kusalo. August, Wed 12th – Tues 18th. The plan is for a small group (max. 6 canoes) to paddle in to a base for five days of quiet dhamma; meditation, talks, discussion, silence. A relaxed retreat schedule with group and personal time through the day. Food will be organised but you will need your own gear; tent, canoe, etc. Interested? Contact Tina Stephenson:

>> Kuti Progress:
The roof is on, the walls are clad, one window is in, the porch is down. There is still a lot to do but it looks like we are on target for winter habitation. 2x[photo]

>> Barn:
There are quite a few little (and not so little) bits to be repaired before the new floor actually goes down. One of the basement posts, as well as being a bit rotten, had punched a hole in the concrete floor. It was pulled out like an old tooth (not before temporary posts were in place) and a substantial concrete base put in ready for a new post. [photo]

>> Rain:
We have had some. And then we had some more. It is such a sweet sound on the new kuti roof. The lawnmower is working over time.

>> Ajahn Away:
Ajahn Kusalo will be in the U.S. for ten days teaching at a few places – mainly at a family week at I.M.S. in Barre Ma.. While he is away the resident crew will be working on finishing his kuti; mudding, painting, etc. There is quite a bit to do and you could help. Or… you could be in the kitchen to maximise the on-site team.