Progress Update: July 4, 2007

>> DOM changes:
Saturday “Days of Mindfulness” will be on Sunday on…… 15th July AND 12th August. Mark those days on your calendar.

>> Big truck – Small car:
We have the one, and it is great around the property and local runs but, its a big steamer. We need a small, economical, reliable sedan for trips to Ottawa and the like. Any suggestions?

>> Gutted:
First the working bee clean-up shifted the clutter in the workshop basement. Then, Samanera Paramitto let loose swinging a big hammer and yielding a monster pry bar. What was there is no longer – just empty space. It looks just great and will probably be construction storage – lumber, plumbing, electrical. [photo]

>> Exits:
We don’t let them all escape so easily. Ajahn Sucitto was weatherbound overnight in Chicago taking nearly 30 hours to get back to Chithurst. Venerable Pavaro only just made it to the airport. Gashed his head on the car door in the scramble, just squeaked through check-in security, only to have to wait for remaining passengers. As far as we know Ven. Khemmaratana made it back to Bhavana without mishap.

>> Land Co-op:
The meeting last Saturday was extremely well attended and the interest is high. Work is being done to collate options and explore legal boundaries. Susan Quipp is co-ordinating correspondence:

>> Tractor Up:
Several of the teeth on the old tractor starting mechanism are broken so a couple of mechanics ramps that turned up in the barn clean up have been pressed to service. Back the tractor up onto them to park and roll it down to start. Still in the experimental stages. [photo]

>> Days on:
The people come and go but the dhamma work is a constant. Cool. AK.