Progress Update: July 31, 2008

>> Conrad
Our resident cat, Conrad, or very fondly known by his previous owners as Lord Conrad, died on July 29th 2008. He had stomach cancer. Conrad had a full and wonderful life at 1358 Powers Road. He was one of a kind and very much loved and will be missed because he brought so much joy.

How inconstant are compounded things!
Their nature: to arise and pass away.
They disband as they are arising.
Their total stilling is bliss.

Digha Nikaya 16

Much gratitude to Dianne for giving him such attentive and compassionate care in his final days, and gratitude to Marion and Cathy for watching over him when they lived at the monastery. (check out the photo album)

>> The Hay is Away
The only thing that matches our immense gratitude for the hay volunteers is the immense pile of hay that now lives rotting happily in a back field. No one got hurt in the process. That’s always great, too. Not to be left out are all the folks who, unable to be around old rotting hay (go figure), helped in numerous ways during the hay day events. Check out the Hay Diaries Photo album to see the project start to finish.

>> The Imminent Return of Ajahn K
All going well, Ajahn Kusalo will be returning to the monastery on August 7th. He will be leading the day of mindfulness at the monastery on Saturday the 9th and Ajahn Viradhammo will lead the DOM in Ottawa on the same day.

>> From the Book, _No_Ajahn_Chah_
I’ve heard people say, “Oh, this year was a bad year for me.” “How come?” “I was sick all year. I couldn’t practice at all.” Oh! if they don’t practice when death is near, when will they ever practice? No. They only get lost in happiness. If they’re suffering, they still don’t practice. They get lost in that, too. I don’t know when people think they’re going to practice.