Progress Update: July 3, 2008

>> No ride for Ajahn
As of Thursday no one has volunteered to drive Ajahn Viradhammo to the Day of Mindfulness at Tisarana for this Saturday. If you can offer a ride, please contact him directly. To see when Ajahn needs a ride, visit the Tisarana event calender.

Ajahn’s regular drivers, Tarik K & Dave H. are no longer available. Thanks Tarik and Dave for providing so many rides for Ajahn over the last year.

>> Hay Day Hooray!
Much appreciation to all those who turned out for our first big hay day. Lots of hay got moved, by truck, tarp or trailer. People with asthma, allergies, etc also helped out in big ways with other projects. The end is in sight if your vision is good. If you are sad that you missed out on all the fun have no fear because…

>> Two more Hay Days on the way
Because of the great success of the last work day, we estimate that two more days just like it might finish off the job. Take a look at the Hay Diaries photo album to see the progress. Mark your calenders and get ready for a Hay Days on Sunday, July 13 and 27.

>> Multiply the merit
As you know, the monastery relies completely on food that is given by lay supporters. This comes in the form of prepared dishes or assorted groceries. One form of dana you may not have considered is coming to the monastery and cooking a meal from the groceries that have already been offered. You’re not taking merit from the original donor, your simply multiplying it! And it give Laurence a break from the kitchen. Contact to arrange a date.

>> News from Ayya Medhanandi
On June 1, Ayya Medhanandi established Sati Saraniya Hermitage in Ottawa. The following week, in a historic step for Theravada Buddhism in Canada, she gave the anagarika precepts to Cathy Meadowcroft during a 9 day retreat in the chapel at the Marguerite Centre in Pembroke, Ontario. Anagarika Cathy is now training at the Hermitage. On June 22, an enthusiastic group of supporters gathered at the Hermitage for the blessing ceremony led by Ajahn Viradhammo and the generosity continues to flow through daily offerings of dana. If you would like to be on the mailing list to receive more news, please write to their new email address:

>> From the book _The_Stillness_of_Being, by Ajahn V:
People are often unsure about what compassion means. They sometimes mistake infatuation or attachment for compassion. When we love someone in a passionate way the love may easily change to anger or jealousy. If this is what’s happening we can’t call it compassion. Attachment is very up and down but compassion is calm. It is not a demand that you make me happy. It is not an expectation of fulfillment from someone else. Instead compassion is a concern for the welfare of others, irrespective of one’s own desires. Thus, when we are compassionate we make the best choices and decisions – because we have a clarity that isn’t prejudiced by personal desires and fears.