Progress Update: July 29, 2010

>> Wonderful News:
The latest Wow Jones index shows that the relationally enhanced division of statistical dhamma ratios between pre- and post-meditative experience has extensive increases of mindful in-breaths to mindful out-breaths at 1.375:1.375 – and counting. The release of this news last week has seen significantly more people taking stock and actively leveraging their share. An opportunity not to be missed. [photo]

>> New Stewards:
Kelvin and Tina Stephenson-Chin have taken up residence at the monastery as stewards. Their intention is to stay for a year. They have been involved with monastery activities for quite some time already helping with any number of things and their extended commitment is most welcome.

>> Site Menu Change:
The monastery web site menu has been revised. The two main changes are: ‘photos’ is now under ‘news’ (also ‘about us’) and ‘visiting’ is a seperate heading. We have been having a lot of guest inquiries and the thought was to make this information more clearly visible. A good many pages have been updated to reflect the changes taking place at Tisarana and if you spot any anomalies please let us know.

>> Shining Summer Sundries:
The site has been cleared for the new kuti [photo] and excavation for the foundations will get underway on Monday. The lawn in front of the office (used to be asphalt) has been awaiting a level finish for some years now. It waits no more. [photo] The latest in the monastic privy range has been unveiled. [photo] A lavish fabrication with exterior artwork done by the families as part of the regular dhamma class (next meet: Aug 8th). Bravo. The clear weather we have been having makes all this work so pleasant.

>> Stupa:
The two photos uploaded a couple of weeks ago were not captioned. Some people have wondered where this is. It is in fact at IMS (Barre, Mass.) and will have a new layer added each year – complete with blessings and little Buddhas and… everything, as part of the annual family retreat there. A nice tradition evolving.