Progress Update: July 27, 2009

>> Wildflowers:
We are generally looking to reduce the amount of lawn we mow and one strategy is to plant wildflowers down the side of the front lawn. There are several species (basically weeds) that grow quite prolifically around us so it should be no problem. Watch that space.

High Speed Help:
A volunteer is needed, approx. bi-monthly, to upload large podcast files to the internet. Qualifications: have high speed, have experience using upload interfaces, and preferably comes to the monastery to pick up talks. E-mail if you are able to help.

>> Floor Reno:
The sittting room floor has been patiently waiting for a drink since we lifted the carpet not long after buying the house. Olli has generously, courageously taken on the task of sanding and varnishing the lovely oak. The difference in colour is a joy to behold. [photo]

>> Barn Update:
The first replacement beam has been fitted and it will be only a matter of days before the floor joists are back in place. Then, before you can say “well that was quick and hang on a minute while we just plane a few floor boards and pound a few nails in” the first section of the floor will be walkable – even bowable. 2x[photo]

Ajahn Back:
All reports of the time spent in Cambridge, Barre (IMS) and Boston 2x[photo] have been positive. He certainly had a wonderful, if tiring, time. There will be more detail coming about the family week at IMS; just waiting for more photos.

>> Canoe Retreat:
Led by Ajahn Kusalo. August, Wed 12th – Tues 18th. Still plenty of space on the lakeshore, S.E. Algonquin. You will need some gear but food is organised. Contact Tina Stephenson: