Progress Update: July 25, 2007

>> Vassa:
Sunday 29th is the full moon of July – Asahla Puja. This heralds the beginning of the vassa (the three month rainy season in Asia). We will be marking this occassion on Saturday. There will be a pot-luck dana, the usual ‘Day of Mindfulness’ and some reflections in the evening. You are most welcome to join with us.

>> Newspaper Article:
A reporter from the Perth Courier recently came round to interview us. The article was well written and presented with a photo of Ajahn Viradhammo. We have a copy at the monastery should you wish to see that.

>> Gardener:
Denny is overseeing much of our ground work and would like to meet with anyone who has a sense of garden layout, suitable plants etc. Write to the monastery.

>> Sutta:
Our Wednesday sutta study has evolved into a daily (evening tea time) study of the Four Noble Truths. We are using the text by Venerable Nyanatiloka – ‘Word of the Buddha.’ There are copies of this available on-line.

>> Batty:
A bat somehow found its way into the shrine room – a Buddhist Bat? Ever tried herding bats? Cats are a doddle by comparison. Marion and Alan danced a merry jig, blocking and guiding, steering and directing. It was finally caught but unfortunately died. Let this be a lesson to us all. [photo]

>> Aquatic Tractor:
The dissolution of the pool continues. The end wall has been breached and the tractor has invaded. Ajahn Kusalo has been recovering some of the sand – yes, a sangha sand pit (and concrete and walking paths and stuff). [photo]

>> Perfect:
The residents, the visitors, the accommodation, the food, even the weather. And the dhamma.! AK