Progress Update: July 16, 2010

>> No News:
After the wonderful whirl what was Ajahn Sumedho’s visit things at Tisarana have settled to a fairly gentle pace. Venerable Khemaratana has left to take up residence in Toronto. Venerable Sumangalo is visiting with family. This leaves vens. Kusalo and Attulo with 54 acres of serenity each. But… there are things afoot. For some that means toes, for others it means work. Read on.

>> New Kuti:
With a view to future community growth we will be starting construction of a new kuti quite soon. Depending on available labour this year may only see the foundations – or, roof only – or, finished and ready to go. Watch this space.

>> Dhamma Hall:
Following the incredible generosity earlier this year from Thailand, Malaysia and Canada we are now considering plans for a purpose-built dhamma hall. There are SO MANY options but the general location is clear (on the old golf course) and capacity is reasonably agreed. A secondary consideration is a dana sala (dining hall). LOTS of possibilities here. We are still very much in the conceptual design stage and would be happy to talk with any monastery-friendly architects or engineers that you may know – or even be.

>> Aj Kusalo Away:
Just returned from two weeks in the US teaching in Boston – weekend kids group + discussion group + talk and Q&A – then a week co-teaching a family retreat at IMS in Barre. The family event was joyful, inspiring, tiring, educational and fun. love the ‘f’ word… freedom. It is nice to make these connections so close to home.

>> Kids @ Tisarana:
There will be a family day on Sunday August 8th. Join for the meal at 11.00 or the kids class at 12.30. The famillies involved with our program here have agreed that we book Labour weekend as a standing date for the familly camp. This year is September 3-6th. There will be more details on this closer to the date. Contact Vivienne for details:

>> Monastery Books:
The lovely ‘coffee table’ book that Aruna produced using images of Tisarana can be ordered online
There are still plenty of copies of Ajahn Sumedho’s talk that was printed as part of his visit. You can get these at the monastery.