Progress Update: July 12, 2011

>> Asalha Puja:
The full moon of the month of Asalha, which marks the beginning of the three month vassa (rains retreat), is this Friday 15th. We will be celebrating this with a puja starting at 7pm with chanting, meditation, a dhamma talk, circumambulation and futher meditation until midnight. You are most welcome to join with us.

>> Working Bees:
There are two planned – 24 July and 28 Aug. Both on Sunday. One of the main projects is starting work on the next phase of barn restoration. See the Site Development page for progress details. This is very exciting and it would be great for you to be a part of this. There are many other things to be done with ‘something for everyone.’ Come for all or part of either or both days or do or should or will be there. All in and out breaths provided. [photo] Lunch extra. [no photo]

>> Memorial Day:
This was held last Saturday and was both a fitting tribute to Mrs. Akers and a support to Ajahn Viradhammo. The day offered up many beautiful opportunities and it was agreed by all that this be the inauguration of an annual ‘Gratitude to Parents’ day. [photo]

>> Family Camp:
This will be held over Labour Day Weekend; September 2-5. This is the 3rd time we have done this at Tisarana and each adds to the previous. Camping, fire, dhamma, meditation, craft, drama (of the creative kind), walks, friendship and fun. With an array of etc. Please contact Vivienne for details

>> IMS Family:
Ajahn Kusalo is back after two weeks away teaching in Boston and Cambridge with a week at IMS co-teaching the family retreat. About 100 parents and children spent the days together (as item above only bigger). The theme was ‘Generosity’ and Ajhan and several of the children produced a play of the same name. Yes, you had to be there! Needless to say there was gifing in abundance and the whole event a gift whose goodness spills out into the world.