Progress Update: July 11, 2007

>> Zoning Meeting:
Our zoning application was presented to the Tay Valley Council last night (July 10th) and all went very well. Full council approval is pending and this (assuming a ‘thumbs up’) is followed by a 20 day appeal period. It has been quite a protracted process but good to know that we are ‘doing it right’ from the outset.

>> Days of Mindfulness:
Tisarana DOMs are on Sunday for: 15th July AND 12th August. This is because OBS have their DOMs on the Saturday (14th & 11th respectively). So… you can have a full weekend of mindfulness. A full week. A full life.!

>> Swimming Pool:
The long, drawn out demise continues. Anagarika Alan and Ajahn Kusalo have been doggedly doing the deed. [photos]

>> Direct Credit/Debit:
We have switched banks and it is now possible to make a direct credit to our account. Contact the office for details.

>> The Law:
Old age, sickness and death. One of the very old apple trees on the property has lost a couple of arms. It was a still and quiet night – until, cRaSh… and there you go. [photo]

>> Freed Frog:
Marion has been maintaining the balcony garden, assiduously watering. [photo] But…? The watering can is full, but why won’t the water come out? A poor wee froggie had taken refuge in the spout. Oh, dear me. Liberation was painless enough and delivery was resumed.

>> Freed Folk:
Maintaining – practice. Stuck? Without doubt – get out of the spout. Now you know, so go with the flow. AK.