Progress Update: January 5, 2012

Ajahn Kusalo Going Away Party

Ajahn Kusalo will be departing in mid-April. He leaves to take over as abbot at Bodhinyanarama monastery in New Zealand.
We are planning to hold a going-away party for him on Saturday, April 14th at the monastery. If you’re free, please come down and join us.
We will have dana at 11:00am, and meet in the sala sometime after lunch for some Dhamma reflections. Aside from the dana start time, it will be a loosely structured day with plenty of time to meet with Ajahn and say your goodbyes.

Winter Retreat

The monastery will begin its’ winter retreat on January 8th. It will run through around April 1st. Days of Mindfulness will still continue as usual during this time.
We will still accept applications for guests during the winter retreat. Guests who wish to stay during the retreat must have stayed at the monastery before. The minimum stay is one week, and guests may be asked to help in the kitchen.
We will only be checking the monastery e-mail around once a week during the winter retreat. There will be no further updates until April. Have a wonderful winter!

New Year’s

We had a lovely New Year’s eve service at the monastery on the 31st. We meditated and chanted together to start the evening. Following this, we had a roaring bonfire, which was around seven feet tall. Several brave souls roasted marshmallows even when the bonfire was at its’ hottest. Towards the end of the evening we did some silent meditation until 12am. Ajahn Kusalo led us in a mantra together start the new year. It was a great way to end 2011. Best wishes to all in the new year!