Progress Update: January 4, 2008

>> New Year:
Seasons greetings to you all. We had a lovely gathering here at the monastery to see in the new year. The evening was a pleasant mix of chanting, meditation, reflections, bonfire [photos], tea, chat, marshmallows, regrets-aspirations, bonfire, meditation, chanting, blessings, chats [photos], blessings. ‘Tis all a blessing.

>> Winter Retreat:
This will start on Sunday 6th with a week of group practice. You are welcome to join us for any day(s) [5.30am – 8.30pm]. Residents will then have times set for personal retreat. February will not have a lot of organised activity. All 3 months in noble silence. See ‘Days of Mindfulness’ below.

>> Moving Moment:
The two new kutis have been occupied for a week or so now but the monks are still configuring the ‘decor.’ Until now there hasn’t been much more than a matress on the floor. Despite the snow and various weathers a piece of furniture was slayed today. Or ought it rhyme with neigh? Prey? Risque? Either way, Ajahn Kusalo’s secretary was moved. [photo]

>> More Comings:
Lawrence has recently joined the community and will take anagarika precepts, some time late January. He is now looking after the kitchen (Cathy gets a break!) and is generally proving to be an enjoyable and wholesome addition to the community. Welcome.!

>> Days of Mindfulness:
These will generally continue each Saturday over the winter retreat. The current exceptions will be 9, 16, 23 of February. As usual they will start at 2pm and go through to teatime. There will be a dhamma talk as part of the evening puja. Dates will be posted on the Events Calendar.

>> Life:
A broken window, small chimmney fire, ‘resting’ tractor, defective snow blower, cracked windsheild… the list of life goes on. It is indeed “all unreliable.” Just this way. AK