Progress Update: January 3, 2009

>> New Year:
There seems common agreement that we have one. The transition here at the monastery was jolly and joyous with a lovely mixture of chanting, meditation, dhamma, bonfire, mantra, meditation, marshmallows, meditation, midnight, paritta, chanting, chatting and so much more to come. We hope yours is a happy one. Should the package contents not be complete or not function according to your preferences feel free to contact one of our representatives and we will arrange a visit so the necessary corrections can be made. First line in the manual says: Breathe in. Second line: Breathe out. [photo] – of the fire and the breathing.

>> Days of Mindfulness:
Note: These now start at 1.00pm. They will continue through the winter retreat.

>> Winter Retreat:
We have started with a few days of no schedule. Monday 5th will start full days of group practice; 5.30am meditation, 7.15 breakfast, 8.30 meditation, 11.00 lunch, 2pm meditation, 5.00 tea, 7.00 meditation. This will change on Wed. night. Feel free to join with any of this. The remainder of the retreat is not so scheduled but you are most welcome to visit and join with whatever is happening.

>> Generator Box:
Our backup generator has a new house compliments of Janko’s handiwork. It has levers and flaps, lines and a lid. If you noted the condition of the old one you would agree this is wonderful. [photo]

>> Office Reno:
With literally hours to spare the office window/door trim and baseboards have been completed. The job is done, finis, and what a splendid piece of craft and workmanship it all is. If you want to know how many monastics it takes to fit that many boards… Think of a number, it will be close enough.

>> Hidden Treasure:
A lot of work goes on behind the scenes here at Tisarana and two Bodhisattas deserve special mention. Tina and Dianne, who are in the office several times a week taking care of accounts and bookings/email. The many hours of work they put in are not as visible as the new trim but the office would not function without their steady, generous offering. Thanks to you both!

>> Winter Rides:
If anyone is coming to the monastery, especially weekends, it might be that Ajahn Viradhammo needs a lift. If you could let Dianne know:

>> Treasures:
We all are. AK