Progress Update: January 27, 2008

>> Luang Por Sumedho Visit:
There are still details to be resolved but the current plan is that he will be with us for up to two weeks around June/July of next year. We hope to invite several other monks and have a ‘solid’ weekend of talks, meetings, discussions. A general dhamma fest. More info as it comes.

>> Winter Retreat:
This is going very well. What a rare privilege it is to have so much time and space to cultivate the Buddha’s way. Silence and solitude are hard things to find in the world and this is only possible here as a result of your ongoing kindness. Sadhu.! Anumodana. There have been a few lay friends come to stay with us for a week or more to help out in the kitchen and join with the meditation. Another blessing. You are most welcome to join us for a day visit.

>> Metta More Fizzes:
Upasika Laurence is now Anagarika Laurence. Metamorphosis.! Several of his family joined with us for the ceremony which went very well. A simple affair but a very significant one for Laurence and we wish him well for this forthcoming year. [photo]

>> One More River:
The path to nibbana is sprinkled with joy. The track to some of the kutis is doused by a river. With the warmer weather we had at the start of the year our little river increased and multiplied, swelled and swirled swiftly. [photo] The majority of the crossing was wadeable but the main flow required somewhat of a balancing act. Mindfulness is the path to dryness.

>> Days of Mindfulness:
Ajahn Viradhammo’s mum is pretty chipper these days so he is planning on coming to the monastery most weekends. The Saturday DoMs in February are now happening but… the second weekend will be on Sunday the 10th. Do check the events calendar just to be sure.

>> Dear Deer:
The silence is very quiet. The solitude is not without spiritual friendship. I have deer as neighbours. [photo] AK