Progress Update: January 1st, 2013


Winter Retreat Schedule

Tisarana will start it’s winter retreat on January 5th.  During this time we won’t be accepting any guests.  We will also only check the monastery e-mail infrequently and will respond only to urgent e-mails.

Days of Mindfulness will continue as usual on Saturdays at 1pm.  Luang Por Viradhammo will be away until February 6th.  Hope that you have a great winter if we don’t see you at a Day of Mindfulness.  All the best until April.

Happy New Year

We had a nice new year here at Tisarana.  We had a meditation at 7pm and Luang Por Viradhammo gave a Dhamma talk.  Following this we had a pretty big bonfire (see photos).  We meditated from 11:30pm until 12am.  Philippe rang the monastery bell at 12am and the bhikkhus chanted parittas to usher in 2013.  Happy new year to all!