Progress Update: February 9, 2009

>> Retreat:
The month of January has passed. Where was I at the time? We have had a wonderful series of lay supporters staying with us, for a week or more at a time, helping out in the kitchen and generally bringing a lovely energy to our shared practice. Our Noble Silence is holding quite well in and around weekend visitors. Each of the monastic residents is taking a two week self-retreat when they can entirely set their own schedule. A lot of time on their own. There are still two more months ahead. What a splendid opportunity for us all. [photo]

>> Season Celebration:
The sangha here, joined the sangha at Satisaraniya there, for an end of year celebration dana. It was a joyful gathering of many friends and an opportunity to celebrate our shared aspirations in dhamma. There were gifts. There are always gifts. [photo]

>> Days of Mindfulness:
Starting at 1.00pm. Chanting, meditation, dhamma talk, questions & discussion. Every Saturday, all through the winter retreat – and beyond – where no one has been yet.

>> Awesome Auto Announcement:
We have been thinking for a good while about an alternative to the truck. Small, economical, reliable. Well, we wished, and we want no more. Janko has very generously given us his car – a two door Suzuki Swift. We are extremely grateful for his kindness. It has taken a while but it has now been tested and insured and transferred over to the monastery. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! [photo]

>> Ajahn Viradhammo Needs Transport:
Aj V’s visits to the monastery are a blessing for us all; the DOM attendees, the residents and visitors and, of course, he himself. But, he needs to get here. Can you help? Come for the dana and the DOM on Saturday, or stay overnight and return on Sunday. A good opportunity to join our retreat. If you could let Dianne know: at the office

>> New Sitting Group:
Ajahn Viradhammo is leading a new meditation group. Every Tuesday, 4.45-6.00pm University of Ottawa Arts Building Rm 509 – guided meditation, dhamma talk and discussion.

>> Podcast:
Did you know that eight new dhamma talks by Ajahn Viradhammo have been added? You would if you had subscribed. You can do this by going to the web site: Teachings>Podcast It is sooooo easy.

>> Snowflakes:
In breathless frozen sunlight a shimmering collective. Community. AK