Progress Update: February 27, 2007

>> Dhamma Articles:
Reflections from Ajahn Viradhammo. From a series of articles that appeared in the Ottawa Citizen on a range of topics. The aim is to format and upload a new one each week. See the web site: under ‘Teachings.’

>> Calling all…?:
Spring and summer work projects are beginning to percolate. The main focus will be building kutis but, with everything so new, there are many other areas. This is a very general call to gauge interest and availability of people who might be able to come and help. Let us know roughly when, and with some indication of skills. Specifics will become more clear in time.

>> Monastery — Sundays
We would like to experiment with a dhamma program on Sundays. This will be every second Sunday (alternating with the children’s classes). The current plan is: a dhamma talk before the meal offering (possibly including the 5 precepts) and reconvene after the meal at 12:30 for another talk with time for questions and discussion.

>> Web site photos
There is a new album of photos on the web site: “Along the Way.” We hope this will be regularly updated, giving you an ongoing sense of events at the monastery – from the simple to the sublime.

>> It’s a sign.!
We have a lovely new sign out in front of the monastery. This is more than just a location marker, it is a real sign… “There is a monastery here.!” See photo: ‘Photos’