Progress Update: February 21, 2007

>> Technical stuff:
We are tidying our database(s). This mailing uses a ‘merged’ list so you may not have directly subscribed to the newsletter. If you do not wish to receive the newsletter please use the link below to have your details removed. This would be from the newsletter-mailing ONLY. This letter is headed – according to our records: Dear *first name | last name* Is this you? If there is a ‘?’ in either of these could you help us fill in the blank. Did you get two copies? We have taken the liberty of joining: Eg. Bob Jones & Sally Smith as… Bob & Sally | Jones_Smith as most mail will be to: Bob & Sally. Thanks for your patience.

>> Main newsletter:
Just to be clear that there are two ‘productions’ — these weekly updates AND the main newsletter, which will appear quarterly. The most recent of these newsletters is available on-line (under ‘news’). The updates are also on-line.

>> Childrens dhamma class:
The first (pre-teens) meeting was held on Sunday and was a great success. Do you have surplus art/craft resources (crayons, paints, wool, cloth, scissors, newsprint, etc. etc.)? Please let Ajahn Kusalo know. The next class will be March 4th (teens). See the events calendar for on-going dates.

>> Male Steward:
An opportunity exists for a male to live at the monastery in the role of steward. Please contact the monastery for details.

>> Thanka:
We were recently given a lovely wall-hanging of the Buddha. It really helps set more of a monastic tone — offsetting the inherited domestic ambiance. Thank you.

>> Library Helper
If you would like to visit the monastery and help out stamping books, some filing, cataloging and general organising your time here would be very much appreciated. Easy stuff. Pretty much any time. Contact the monastery.