Progress Update: February 16, 2010

>>Farewell Janko
Anagarika Janko is leaving Tisarana this week to continue his training in Asia. We appreciate all the service he has offered the community and wish him well in his travels.

>>Monk Fear Rumour
We have heard a rumour that there are people who want to offer a meal, but they are scared of cooking for monks. Have no fear! As far as we know, no one has ever gotten hurt offering dana to the Sangha. Monks are easy to cook for. The community is very small (3 or 4 people). Our only dietary requirement is that we finish eating by 12:00 noon. We can eat the same food you do. There can always be someone available to answer questions. To schedule a meal offering, please contact

>>Winter Retreat Support Still Needed
As it stands, there is no one scheduled to be here to cook from March 7 to 22 or from the 29 to 31. If you are able to serve during that time please contact Ideally, potential volunteers will have stayed at Tisarana in the past and are able to stay for at least a week. We have room for a second volunteer most weeks until April 1, but the most urgent need is during the time listed above.
And thank you to everyone who has supported the retreat so far.

>>Tax Receipts Have Been Mailed
All of the tax receipts for 2009 donations have been mailed out. If you have any questions or did not receive yours, please contact the treasurer at before February 28th (She will be away for the month of March)

>>Ajahn Sumedho Retreat Update
We are happy to report that there are over 140 people signed up for Ajahn Sumedho’s retreat in June. There is still lots of space available, but it would be a good idea to sign up sooner rather than later. A note on the housing application: We recommend people coming from out of town arrive before the Friday night talk and stay until the end of the retreat at 5:30 on Friday. You may need to adjust the dates on the form accordingly.

>>Ajahn Kusalo Travel Update
Ajahn Kusalo had a beneficial time in Thailand. Look for a photo travel log soon on the website. He is in Australia now with family. His return date is at this point a bit uncertain. We expect to see him before all the snow melts.