Progress Update: February 12, 2007

>> Day of Mindfulness – Saturday 10th:
Ajahn Viradhammo was with us for the weekend. There were 12 meditators. Sadhu.!

>> Kutis:
Ajahn Kusalo visited Algonquin College where construction students build small buildings for ‘material cost only.’ The main extra cost is transportation to the site. This is under consideration. A site has been tentatively set for the first kuti.

>> Male Steward:
An opportunity exists for a male to live at the monastery in the role of steward. Please contact the monastery for details.

>> Sutta study:
We have started a regular study group on Wednesday evenings, 5pm, tea-time. The current sutta is ‘The shorter discourse on Emptiness’ (Majjhima Nikaya 121). Anyone is welcome to join.

>> Childrens dhamma classes:
These will be every two weeks but, note that there are two age groups; pre-teens (5-12) and teens (13-19). The first p-t meeting will be on Sunday 18th February. See the events calendar for details.