Progress Update: December 4, 2009

>> Winter Retreat:
The winter retreat will start on Monday, January 4th. There will be a week of all-day group meditation with dhamma reflections and guidance. Morning and evening pujas will continue over the retreat but there will be periods of ‘no meetings’ so people can spend more time on their own. You are more than welcome to visit the monastery and join with whatever is going on. We will be observing Noble Silence. Feel free to come to the monastery at any time for meditation or perhaps just go for a walk. You could join us for the daily meal at 11.00.

>> Winter Stewards:
If you are interested in staying at Tisarana (minimum a week) during any during any part of the winter retreat please contact Samanera Atulo: . January is pretty full but there is space in February and March.

>> Samanera Ordination:
Just over a week ago Anagarika Joe took the samanera precepts and his new name is Atulo which means ‘incomparable or immeasurable.’ Practice it now: ‘A’ as in hut, ‘u’ as in put, ‘o’ as in hello Atulo. The ceremony was very well attended with his mother and other family members offering the alms bowl and robes. There were also a large number of friends to witness this going-forth which was held in the new barn space – The Grand Hall. [photo]

>> Year Planner:
This is an extension of and is linked to from the regular Events Calendar. It gives you an overview of events for the whole year including the lunar observance days. It prints out nicely as well. We have the technology!

>> Bhikkhu Ordination pics – finally:
There was no monastery camera taking photos during Samanera Sumangalo’s ordination and it has taken a while to get copies of friends’ images. As it was such an historic occassion these have been compiled as a separate photo album on the website: “Bhikkhu Ordination.” We are old enough now so that we have a few of these historic vignettes; hay diaries, barn lobby, new office and first visit. And the times they are a changin’.

>> Dhamma Talk Duplication:
Many people very much appreciate being able to pick up CD’s of dhamma talks from the monsastery. We don’t have the equipment nor really the time but wonder if you may be interested in borrowing master copies and making a few duplicates? There is no number or time limit and anything would be appreciated. It will be a good few years yet before the ‘hard’ stuff, books and CDs etc., disapears. Contact venerable Khemaratana:

>> Wild Land Wonders:
Several people reading the last update did wonder if they knew of 200+ acres that could be a wilderness hermitage 3-5 hours north of Tisarana and this is wonderful. Wondrous. It could be called ‘Wat Boonie.’ Wat is Thai for monastery. Boonie is Canadian for boondocks. What is used with a noun in requesting further information, as in: WHAT land do you know of? Or, as an intensifier, as in: WHAT a good idea! Ajahn Kusalo would be delighted to hear what you have to say.