Progress Update: December 4, 2008

Anagarika Laurence will be ordaining as Samanera ???. His new name is a surprise. You can get it live, along with a shared meal, chanting, ritual, dhamma, kalyanamitta and so much more on Sunday December 14th. The ceremony will begin after lunch, about 1.00pm. Car pooling will not only save gas but make parking here a lot easier. We hope you can come.

This is now up and running and a new dhamma talk by Ajahn Viradhammo will be released regularly. At the moment this will be every two weeks. You can access available talks on the web site audio page and subscribe to the feed on the podcast page

>> TUB:
The fire was lit with wood what was split. The chimney smoked but nobody choked. Some water was heated and the monks were treated. There’s still more to do but we got the crew – sadhu. [photo]

Laurence’s new name is certainly one but, there is another one and surprises wouldn’t be surprising if given away all at once. Don’t miss the next update. Be there or be… unsurprised. Hmmmmm. What could it be I wonder? Windfall, goofball, catchall, be-all and end-all?

We will be having an all-night vigil on new-year’s eve. Beginning with the usual evening Puja at 7:00pm the night will be a mixture of chanting, meditation, dhamma talk and reflections and meditation. We will explore the theme of ‘Forgiveness and Hope’ – past and future. There will be a bonfire (we are much better organised this year 🙂 and we may explore the theme of marshmallows. Do join us.

We are almost ready. The wood is cut and stacked. Snow plows tended and tested. Driveway marked. Workshop sealed. Etc. 4x [photo] We will begin the retreat after new-year’s eve. You are most welcome to come to the monastery at any time and join in with whatever we are doing. Sometimes this may appear to be not much at all – and you can join in with that too. We are not able to accommodate overnight guests.

The harmony of a rhyme is in the difference it holds within its sameness. Like me and thee. AK