Progress Update: December 28, 2010

>> Years End:
You are welcome to join with us to see in the new year on Friday night – 31st. We will have puja (in the module) at 7pm with chanting, meditation, dhamma talk, et. etc.. Bonfire and etc.

>> Sangha Calendar:
Limited copies are available at the monastery or you can download the PDF

>> Winter Retreat:
The monastery will be on retreat from Jan. 3rd until the end of March. There will be all-day, retreat schedule meditation for the first two weeks; morning puja at 5.30am with walking and sitting until 5pm and evening puja at 7pm. The Saturday afternoon meditation and talk will continue as usual.

>> Years End:
It has been a very good year for the monastery. The continuing, and growing support that we receive from you makes our ongoing development possible. Thank you.