Progress Update: December 27, 2008

>> Samanera #1:
Both as in ‘the first’ and as in ‘the best.’ What a wonderful occassion it was. About fifty people joined us for the day which began with a superb, shared meal in the house. Eventually we all managed to fit into the meditation sala, literally standing room only, and Ajahn Viradhammo began by outlining various aspects of the ceremony. Anagarika Laurence then navigated his way through each step; never missed a que, never messed the Pali. He is now Venerable Sumangalo. The sangha expressed their joy and delight by chanting paritta. Sadhu.! 4x [photo]

>> New Year’s Eve:
The sublime alternative. Let’s do a better bit a being. Starting at 7pm with chanting, meditation, dhamma talk and reflections. Cast your regrets, unwanted *mind-heart clutter* etc. into a raging bonfire. Celebrate with a marshmallow(s). Collate all your aspirations, hopes, future endeavours. See in the new year with blessings.

>> New DOM Format:
With less daylight, The Day of Mindfulness will start an hour earlier as of January 3rd. Start at 1pm with chanting, followed by guided meditation, a dhamma talk and a question and answer period to finish (around 4pm). These days continue to be well supported with local people beginning to join in as we get better known. We will continue throughout the winter retreat.

>> Office Finals:
It has been about two years since the garage was converted into offices and, as a final dash before the winter retreat, the door and window trim and baseboards are *finally* being fitted. Looks great. [photo]

>> Newsletter:
We have mailed out our bi-annual newsletter. It you didn’t get a copy you can view it online: News>Newsletter. You can download a PDF version and print or read offline. The newsletter mailing list is not the same list used for this (email) update. If you would like to be included on our postal/mailing list please send us your name and postal address 0100090000036900000010001c0000000000050000000b0200000000050000000c020000000004000000020101000400000004010d0008000000fa0200000000000000000000040000002d01000007000000fc020000ffffff000000040000002d0101001c000000fb020000080000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000040000002d010200040000002e011800050000000902ffffff00040000000701030007000000430f2000cc00000000000300000000000000000000000000

>> Tisarana Bookmark:
As part of the newsletter mail out we produced a monastery bookmark. It has details of the monastery (address, etc.) on one side and a wee 2009 calendar showing all the lunar observance days on the other. Eight bookmarks per page. You can download a copy from Participate>Calendar (top right).

>> Monastery Outline:
Ajahn Sumedho is currently in Thailand. He kindly offered to introduce Tisarana to people he met during his travels. We produced a set of cards with some basic text and a collection of images that show the variety of the landscape and our life here. You can view these online: Photos>Monastery Outline. Wow! What lucky people live there I wonder?

>> Icy Underfoot:
Some sections of our path are clear. Some have salt, some sand, some none. Minfulness is the path to the door; heedlessness, the hip breaker – the path to the hospital. Have a happy and safe new year. AK