Progress Update: December 22, 2010

>> Newsletter:
The newsletter for December has been printed. If you are not on our (postal) mail list then you can read this online or download the PDF Both online options are in modern, technical type colour for your enhanced edification.

>> Calendars – 2011
These have been printed to celebrate the life of Ajahn Sumedho with images and quotes from him. Not only this but there is date data; very handy. These are available at the monastery along with an array of other free dhamma material.

>> File Uploading:
The monastery has internet dial-up and uploading large files is not possible. To maintain our podcast of Ajahn Viradhammo’s talks we need someone who has high-speed and a bit of time and interest. Time is perhaps an hour once a month. We have good instructions on uploading to the storage site. Please contact the monastery.

>> December 25th:
This is a Saturday. We will be celebrating – we do a lot of that – and you are welcome to join us. The usual afternoon, 1pm meditation will vary; we are not sure exactly how but bring good footwear. There is a tree, and the lights have been lit. [photo] Tis the season to be free of suffering.

>> New Year:
New year’s day is also on a Saturday. The eve before, Friday 31st, will be more reflective with tinges of celebration. Do come by any time of day. Evening puja will be at 7pm with chanting, meditation, dhamma, walking, body warming by the fire, chanting, dhamma, meditation, etc. until midnight – and beyond. Such a lovely way to bring in the new year. To save you the night drive we extend our usual accomodation limitations to include options as basic as ‘space on the library floor.’