Progress Update: December 21, 2009

>> New Years Eve:
Greet the new year at the monastery with auspicious blessings and delicious marshmallows. We begin the evening with judicious Puja at 7:00pm and the night will be a mixture of religious chanting, propitious meditation and nutritious dhamma talk, reflections and more advantageous meditation. There will be an ambitious bonfire. If you are planning to stay the night please bring some extra bedding and a floor mat. We have some but best play safe. Do join us.

>> New Year’s Day DOM:
New year’s eve is on Friday night so we imagine there may not be many coming for the Day of Mindfulness on Saturday – new years day. You are most welcome to visit but there will be no organised program on Saturday the 1st 2010.

>> Newsletter:
The year-end newsletter has been printed and posted. If you haven’t received a copy you can download a PDF off the web site: News>Newsletter. To be included in or removed from the postal mailing list, please contact Tina: with your mailing details. Note: the newsletter mailing list is not the same list used for these email updates.

>> VESAK 2010:
The full moon of May is on the 28th of August [just checking you are awake :] and it is a Friday. We will be holding our Vesak celebrations on Saturday the 29th of May. This will be an especially auspicious, nutritious and advantageous event as Luang Por Sumedho will be with us. The day will not be spontaneous nor extraneous but could be rather canorous and even percutaneous. To celebrate this wonderful event on the Buddhist calendar and to spend time with Ajahn Sumedho be at Tisarana on 29-05-10

>> Winter Retreat Stewards:
We reserve space in the house during the monastic winter retreat for lay friends to come and join us for a week or more to help in the kitchen and to develop their meditation. If you are interested in staying at Tisarana during January, February or March please contact Atulo:

>> Chest Freezer:
We could use one. It would be especially useful for next year when Luang Por Sumedho is here.

>> Monastery Steward:
As members of the community take higher ordination we forsee a need for a kitchen steward. This would likely be someone who already has experience in this tradition and is willing to live here for an extended period and has a valid drivers license. We are on retreat until the end of March but will process applications during this time with a view to the position being filled in mid-April. Please write with particulars:

>> Bookmark:
We had hoped to send you some of these with the newsletter but it was not ready in time. You can pick some up at the monastery or download the PDF [Participate>Calendar] and print your own. A handy bookmark and calendar.