Progress Update: December 12, 2008

>> Portable Parthenon:
Entering into the barn this time of year can coincide with cascades of snow off the roof onto the head, to say nothing of the ice build up outside the door. Not nice. The happy and handy novices at Tisarana have provided an elegant, simple solution. All it lacks is Doric columns. [photo]

>> Ordination:
Anagarika Laurence will become Samanera ??? Sunday December 14th. The ceremony will begin after lunch, about 1.00pm. Car pooling will not only save gas but make parking here a lot easier. We hope you can come.

>> Surprise:
Tis the season. There is an e-card waiting for you. Happiness, joy, good health, blessing, fun. Try this journey to the unknown

>> A Waiting Game:
The foundations of the third kuti make a snowy photo opportunity. Little concrete trees standing silently among the trees. [photo] Isn’t it nice that we have a three month winter retreat and don’t have to carry on building?

>> Another Mover:
The Opanayiko kuti has been empty for some months now while under repair. Finally, Anagarika Joseph has moved in for the winter retreat. Our life as forest samanas is so much enhanced by the kuti lifestyle so it nice to be able to offer this opportunity to Joseph.

>> Bound in Chains:
A photo was passed to the elders recently showing Anagarika Laurence and Janko bound in chains, shuffling across the snow on despondent, trouser-ensconced legs. Our focus here is definitely on liberation so, a high-level investigation was launched. Eventually, a receipt was found and the signatory interrogated. “They are just for the tractor, Guv’nor, honest they are.” If you are coming for the ordination and fear getting stuck in the snow you can rest assured we have everything under control.

>> Unbinding:
Sa-mula tanha abbulha
Nicchato parinibbuto’ti.
One pulls out craving, root & all