Progress Update December 11th, 2012

Bhante Subharo Has Arrived

A warm welcome to Bhante Subharo.  He arrived from Birken Forest Monastery on November 27th.  A short bio has been put up on the resident community page.  Be sure to say hello next time you stop by the monastery.

Bhante Vijita Visiting

We are pleased to welcome Bhante Vijita for a visit.  Bhante is from Hilda Jayawardana (Heron Road) Temple in Ottawa.  He arrived on December ninth and will be staying with us until the 14th.

Workshop Coming Along

Our new workshop is coming along.  The wood stove has been installed and the outside cladding has been put on.  Next, the insulation will be put in and benches and shelves will be built.  Take a peek next time you stop by.

New Year’s Bonfire

New Year’s eve is coming up.  We’ll be ringing in the New Year at Tisarana in the traditional way.  We’ll have a puja followed by a Dhamma talk at 7pm.  After the talk, there will be a bonfire (which is pretty big this year!).  Finally, we’ll have some meditation and paritta chanting around midnight.  Please join us if you have the time.

Public Meditation Still On

Luang Por Viradhammo is enjoying a week of solitary retreat, but he will still give the Public Meditation on Saturday, December 15th.