Progress Update: August 8, 2007

>> Workshop Electrics:
We recently had the electricians around and our workshop wiring is now done. Lots of outlets and a couple of fluorescent lights. All that now remains is to find a place for all the tools and stuff (the easy part) and have them remember their place (the hard part). The barn will be next — when we are clear what we need.

>> Harry is Here:
No, not Potter the boy but Hill the man. He was at Bhavana in West Virginia for about a year and will be with us for a couple of months. He has the skills and has very generously offered to help out with the kuti building. The wheel is turning.!

>> Log Splitter:
We are slowly getting our winter wood together and a good friend donated an electric log splitter. [photo] Feel free to offer us a demo next time you are visiting 🙂

>> Hole & Non-hole:
The swimming pool is no more. That hole that once was is not. No more. All further discussion will be of ‘the new (back) lawn in progress.’ [photo] The parking area in front of what was the garage, but is now the office, is now a hole. [photo] All further discussion will be of ‘the new (front) lawn in progress.’ That’s the whole hole news.

>> Tractor Launcher:
After exhaustive research the tractor-ramp design team has transcended the conceptual phase and gone into real-time production. As you may recall the old-red-engine is, you know, old. It leaks, it drips and dribbles. Multiply incontinent. It also has a starter problem. The new ‘indoor hill’ will be a great help. [photo]

>> Dhamma Launcher:
Nothing new really. Generally called a cushion, maybe zafu. [photo] Unfortunately there is no fix in sight for the leak and drip stuff. AK.