Progress Update: August 7, 2012

Luang Por Viradhammo Returns

Luang Por Viradhammo has returned from England. His trip seems to have been very successful. He visited Chithurst and Aruna Ratanagiri. He also visited Amaravati and led a ten day retreat. Welcome back Luang Por!

New Photos Uploaded

We have uploaded over 700 new photos. There are over 600 photos of Luang Por’s trip to Laos, China, and Thailand in Early 2012. It is a slideshow that’s worth seeing. There are images of great natural beauty. The images from Thailand are very inspiring. Looking at them gives an idea of the scope of Buddhism in Asia. It also gives an idea of the larger tradition that Tisarana is connected to. Have a look here.
There are also over 80 photos of Luang Por Sopa and Luang Por Kampong’s visit in late June. As well as sightseeing, they also gave encouragement and teaching to the Sangha. On the last day of their visit, they officiated at an almsgiving ceremony where friends from the Thai embassy offered a substantial donation to our building fund and other requisites for the use of the Sangha. Have a look here.

Podcast Back Again

The Tisarana podcast is up and running again. The latest talk uploaded is called ‘With This as Condition, That Comes to Be’. You can download it from website homepage. Just click the download button below the talk title. For information on how to subscribe to the podcast, go here.

Rocky Heading Off

Rocky, our kitchen steward will be leaving in early September to care for a family member. Rocky came to help the monastery on very short notice in October, 2011. We are grateful for Rocky’s help and wish him well on his path. Rocky will be heading off sometime during the last week of August. Stop by before then if you’d like to say goodbye.