Progress Update: August 6, 2008

>> Schedule Change at Tisarana
The day of mindfulness AT TISARANA has been moved from Saturday to Sunday. The DOM sponsored by the OBS in Ottawa remains unchanged, on Saturday. So the current schedule is: Saturday DOM in Ottawa, Sunday DOM at Tisarana.

>> Drivers wanted
Ajahn Viradhammo needs a driver from Ottawa to Tisarana this Sunday morning for the rescheduled day of mindfulness. He would like to stay over night and would need a driver to take him from Tisarana to Ottawa Monday after lunch. Because of monastic rules, there needs to be at least one other male in the vehicle. If you are able to offer a ride, please contact him directly. You can always check the events page on the website to see when he needs a ride.

>> Ajahn Kusalo mai nei
“Mai nei” is a Thai phrase that means “uncertain.” Ajahn Chah used it a lot as a simple way of giving the Buddha’s teaching. Mai nei, mai nei. Life is uncertain, uncertain. Well what could be more uncertain than Ajahn Kusalo? He missed his flight and won’t be back at the monastery till probably Sunday. Everything is fine; no worries. Just a little mai nei.

>> From the Book, _No_Ajahn_Chah_
What can we take for certain? Nothing! There’s nothing but feelings. Suffering arises, stays, then passes away. Then happiness replaces suffering – only this. Outside of this, there is nothing. But we are lost people running and grabbing at feelings continuously. Feelings are not real, only changes.