Progress Update: August 30, 2007

>> Kuti Walls:
The little kuti has a third dimension – walls. [photo] And, by the time you read this much of the roof and cladding will have appeared. What a joy it is to see this first kuti take shape.

>> Shoe Rack:
It has been a delight to see the increasing number of visitors to the monastery, especially over the weekends. This has invariably meant more feet on the premises. This in in turn has produced more shoes at the front door. Anagarika Alan’s aesthetic arborial architecture to the rescue. [photo]

>> Heaped Hole:
What was the hole that was the car park infront of what was the office is now two heaps of soil. [photo] This of course means another hole – in a hill out back – but we won’t go there here.

>> Green Fuzz:
The ‘back lawn in progress’ is progessing well. [photo] The weather has definitely turned and the showers we have had save on the sprinkler.

>> Levitation [photo]:
Thoughts come and go, emotions rise and fall. Keeping the heart leavened throughout is the ever-present possibility we have. AK