Progress Update: August 28, 2008

>> Weekend of Mindfulness:
The last weekend of September – 26th-28th – At Tisarana. Space is limited. This is a first and there are several unknowns; level of interest, kitchen & service facility capacity, etc., but we would like to see how it might work at the monastery. It will be from Friday evening to after dana on Sunday. Come for the day or, if you would like to stay overnight, please fill out the guest form: www.tisarana/docs/guest_form.php specifying ‘RETREAT’ in the comments box at the end of the form.

>> Day of Mindfulness:
This regular part of our Saturday remains the same. It *merges* with the above weekend. If you want to just come for the 2pm meditation and dhamma talk on Saturday then you are most welcome. There might be such a buddha-buzz happening that you may want to stay on into the evening.

>> Drawn out House:
A good friend has produced a beautiful drawing of the monastery house. It was done for the new Anumodana card and a small version of the drawing can be seen on the web site home page. You may well see it popping up in other places. Anumodana to the artist.! Anumodana to you all.

>> Web Site Upgrades:
Just a few things worth noting: The home page has, as well as the new house image, new quick-links to recent photos and to the latest news update. This will be extended to include a regular (fortnightly) dhamma talk download (possible podcast?) and key, upcoming events. The photo album now has an alternative viewing mode ‘ALL thumbnails’ so you can browse the entire album and load pictures. Give it a go.

>> Trail Blazing:
Anagarika Laurence has been beavering away on the tractor opening up a new trail in the monastic area. This will give access to the intended (temporary) bath-house and to two more kuti sites. Most building work is on hold due to a lack of funds although we are exploring the possibility of doing ‘foundations only’ for one kuti.

>> Family Camp:
This weekend; 30th – 1st. Like the retreat (see above) this event will give us an idea of what we can do at the monastery. It will be very low-key so if you have children feel free to bring them and join us for a day. There will be news and photos a plenty next week.

>> Old Age & Plumbing:
Our little red, quinquagenarian tractor just burst a radiator hose. Much drip and dribble. Duck tape prolonged its life for a short while but, eventually, there was no option but surgery. A transplant and aqueous transfusion was performed in hushed silence. It was touch and go but the patient recovered well and is now frolicking in the fields.

>> All Conditioned Things:
Tractors and humans alike. Subject to change, subject to decay. Duck tape is a limited refuge. The Dhamma is limitless. AK